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Born in Sasebo, Nagasaki in Japan, Koji Azisaka is a self-taught artist who began painting while he worked in fashion industry during his 4-year stay in Paris.  After he moved to Japan, he began illustrating for various commercial and advertising projects.  Since he moved to Belgium in 2002, he started exhibiting his acrylic paintings in Brussel, Paris and Japan.  He is currently based in Fukuoka, Japan. 

Contact:  KojiAzisakaUSA@gmail.com


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From Marivic:

Whether it happens out in the world with camera in hand capturing quiet postcard-like moments, or in front of my computer screen shaping light and creating moments of unreality, photography is an activity that inspires and entertains me. This collection is a mix of just those things. They are moments from my travels where my vision blurred and the sounds around me softened, and magic moments in editing when light revealed itself as if in a dance.

Shelly Smith 2

From Shelly:

I’m interested in the microcosmos, the unseen engine of life in our word that keeps creation digesting food, making oxygen, returning to dust, and springing forth anew. From blastocyst to decomposition bacteria, we’re all a bunch of beautiful, cycling cells. I make paintings based on observed samples of water I gather from many places around the country. I have nicknamed these “cell portraits” and consider them a different way of looking at landscapes and what can be used to identify a place.

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From Matt:

I am a 3rd generation Seattle native specializing in continuous line ink drawings.  From my artwork, businesses and product ideas, creating is a vital aspect of my life. I love people and life. Everyday is about pushing through to the next level of creativity.

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