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About the Artist

I have MS degrees in education and recreation therapy, but art and the outdoors are my passions.  I have always enjoyed art and have dabbled in various media over the years:  drawing, colored pencil, watercolor, pottery, Sumi-e, and most recently collage.

I am intrigued by the way the patterns of the papers blend together to create a watercolor effect.  Often I am surprised at the way a paper actually behaves.  The textures and brilliant colors found in the various papers lend themselves to the creation of super-realistic landscapes.  Some of the papers “talk” to me; I see a tree trunk, fall foliage, mountains, sand dunes, a field of flowers, sky or water in the qualities of a sheet of paper.  Sometimes the reverse side of a paper provides an entirely different effect.

The inspiration for my work comes from my love of nature that I enjoy while I’m hiking and backpacking here in Washington and all over the world.

Linda White



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For me, painting is equal parts journal-writing, science project and woodworking. It’s a leap of faith, a second childhood and a lovely way to get lost for hours. I paint with both oils and encaustic wax, usually from a photograph I’ve taken of a place I’ve visited and loved; Greece, Italy, Mexico and Cuba are favorites. Because it’s winter in Seattle now, the season of overcast skies, I have created many pieces that reunite me with the blurry and vibrant colors that I can easily forget exist after months of gray. I try to recreate the dreamy, ethereal feeling I’ve had on a stunning beach after a nap, watching an especially beautiful sunset or falling in love; I try to capture happiness. 

I like to recycle or construct my own surfaces whenever possible. It’s satisfying to create something whole out of disparate pieces of birch, oil paints and beeswax. I’m attracted to Color Field painting, modernism, impressionism, abstract expressionism and painters like Mark Rothko, Betsy Eby, Carol Marine, Mark Rediske and Bo Bartlett. I have been inspired by and continue to learn from classes at Gage Academy, with Patrick Howe and from other artist friends like Carl Titolo, Hamid Zavareei, Kris Barker, Rachel Solimeno and Will Boswell.


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