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My name is John Hunter, and I am a Seattle artist with a large range of work on display around this city who grew up in Phinney Ridge. My creations use bold organic shapes and lines, mixed with intensely rich colors and interesting subject matter. I frequently implement found objects and recycled frames, and have many pieces that are blacklight reactive. My styles range from abstract and surreal to expressionism and funky illustrative.

I am driven to always create new and truly unique works for the viewer.


John Hunter






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These drawings are a reflection on what we see and how we interpret the world around us. They are an investigation of light and shade, the relationship of objects to one another, and to their shadows. Light both reveals and obscures our surroundings much as one’s relationship to the past can reveal or obscure the present.

The drawings were done on scrap matt board and the frames salvaged from various locations. The work is a combination of pencil, charcoal and oil pastel or colored pencil.

Lon Walton



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