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I moved a year ago with my family from the Midwest to Seattle. We luckily fell into place meeting new friends and neighbors, and exploring our environment. My new home quickly felt like home. One thing that still amazes me, however, and feels like I am living in a dream is visiting the coast. Taking a ferry, or in some cases a plane, to the coast to walk the beach and play football with my boys is amazing and rejuvenating. This is a collection of those new horizon lines. 

Most of these horizon lines, these vast and beautiful new landscapes, are a study of strong vertical shapes straight to the viewer. That line and the radiating shapes created by the converging of land, sky and water is dynamic and exciting. It welcomes you, the viewer, into the landscape.

I love this pattern and walking on a beach, watching everything change around you with every step. It’s awe-inspiring, but hopefully you don’t feel lost. This vertical invites you in; grounds you into the space. Through every new adventure and walk through life I try to feel welcome in my environment and participate taking it in quickly, then slowly. I hope you fall in love with these landscapes as I have.

If you have an interest in purchasing a painting or pastel,  contact me through my website, http://www.catherinehmurovich.wix.com/cate or email, cpshmurovich@gmail.com. Paintings make excellent gifts. I offer complementary shipping and/or delivery. Thank you.

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Will Boswell has been painting landscapes in oil for almost five years, a pursuit that captured his attention while looking at a book of Russell Chatham’s paintings. Will is essentially self taught and still learning, drawing inspiration from not just Chatham, but also Monet, George Inness, and local painter Marc Bohne.

Most of his work is from scenes of the Pacific Northwest, but there is also a strong commitment to the wide open vistas of Montana, a place he has visited for the last thirty years.

Will does his own framing using vertical grain Douglas fir box frames for pieces of all sizes.

I hope you enjoy the paintings.

Will Boswell

Will Boswell-10 Will Boswell-18 Will Boswell-29 Will Boswell-34

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