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Arni Adler is a self-taught artist in drawing, collage, painting and small 3-D found wood works. Her pieces develop organically, starting with a color, a shape or texture, and growing into something unanticipated.

After many years as a singer, songwriter, and teacher of art, music and writing, Arni began focusing on painting as her primary medium of expression almost five years ago. “My interest and practice of many art forms has lead to a greater understanding of how all expression works: the same obstacles and strategies for dealing with those obstacles, the same quality of surprise, the same faith required in each are what interest me most. Each requires some sort of personal shift within, a willingness to relinquish control. Each discipline attempts to get at meaning in slightly different ways, offering sometimes profound meaning and various shades and nuances of that meaning,” says the artist.

The figures that appear in Arni’s work operate similarly to dream imagery: pointing to current states of mind or situations. The figures also seem akin to those in fairy tales or myths: appearing as animals, or part animals, or other imaginary creatures. She is most interested in emotional truth in art, art that somehow represents hidden states of reality.

Arni has a BA in Theater and Music from Bennington College in VT, and has been showing art in Seattle cafes and artwalks for three years.





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