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Drawbaugh Andrew - Le Grand Canard Andrew Drawbaugh - Where Eagles Dare

“My practice as an artist is to use Photoshop to create digital collages that communicate a sense of narrative. I repurpose old analog snapshots and combine them with my own digital photographs. By digitally stitching a vanishing format into a modern one, I create fictional collage tableaus. Each completed collage is a snapshot of an interrupted drama. The viewer, inserted into the narrative via a steady observational perspective, becomes the photographer, and the photograph, the resulting artifact of that interaction, becomes the view.”

Andrew Drawbaugh



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Will Boswell-10 Will Boswell-18 Will Boswell-29 Will Boswell-34

Will Boswell has been painting landscapes in oil for almost five years, a pursuit that captured his attention while looking at a book of Russell Chatham’s paintings. Will is essentially self taught and still learning, drawing inspiration from not just Chatham, but also Monet, George Inness, and local painter Marc Bohne.

Most of his work is from scenes of the Pacific Northwest, but there is also a strong commitment to the wide open vistas of Montana, a place he has visited for the last thirty years.

Will does his own framing using vertical grain Douglas fir box frames for pieces of all sizes.

I hope you enjoy the paintings.

Will Boswell


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