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Statement of Purpose

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, studied painting at the University of Washington and have raised my family here. I believe this has had an effect on the way in which I make art. Why I make art is the next paragraph. The wonderful, grey, drizzly months of a Seattle winter are very conducive to staying indoors, making things and telling stories. It has a tradition in northern cultures. We turn inward during the winter to consider the events of our lives. At the very least, it is what I do. It is during this time that the stories and events of my life begin to wiggle out and demand attention until I turn them into paintings. Then I paint all winter until spring when I come out of my basement studio to make the most of the Seattle sun.

The events and characters that make it into paintings are those of everyday life. I find our connections and communications with each other to be fascinating and each one has some nuance of its own to pique my curiosity. The characters and situations I use are metaphors for the stories I’m telling. The distorted spaces, floating figures, masked faces are of a surreal world where all things are possible by imagining them. The patterns in our lives, walking the dog, making dinner, going to work and bad habits may be continually repeated, but no matter how frequently they are, each instance is unique. I find painting to be like journaling, a marking down and acknowledgement of a point in space and time. Whether it is an expression of joy, anger, love or fear, it is wonderful to be able to paint and share what I have painted.

Karol Priebe


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