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iced coffee f-NAT

espresso con panna f-NAT

Are you passionate about your coffee beverage? Your coffee choices are unique to you and of course, you like it done “your way”. This series of coffee posters created by I’m Different Press declare to the world which coffee drink defines your unique character and how you make your mark on the world. These fanciful designs incorporate the essential components of your java for all to see and for you to celebrate every day.

Celebrate your unique cuppa joe with one of my coffee-buzz mini posters. This beverage has a rich culture and history, it really is a community… and damn it can be fun. Visit my online Etsy shop for easy purchase [$20] and to see the full line. Custom posters available too!


Warm regards,
Stephen Schlott


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Color Photographs from Mexico

Nancy is showing new work from a 2012 trip to Oaxaca and some older favorites — a menu of sweet, sacred, playful, and profane.  Nancy has been photographing in Mexico for 20+ years.  She’s an Artist Trust Grant recipient, has received many awards for her work, and is a Phinney neighbor of Fresh Flours.  She recommends the Green Tea and Azuki Red Bean Pound Cake, the Mixed Berries Danish, and the Tea Cookies.

For more info on her photography:

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