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“Our Backyard”

Chris Newley- In the past five years, Chris has explored deep sea caves in the Red Sea, swam with massive schools of Hammerhead sharks in Sudan, dove some of the deepest shipwrecks of the Puget Sound and British Columbia, and navigated the world’s largest underwater cave systems in the Yucatan peninsula. Throughout all of this, Chris is rarely caught without a camera in hand and has filmed underwater in places many other divers could not go. He has recently ventured out to document the magical landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

Jess Newley- Five years ago, Jess learned how to SCUBA dive and discovered the wonders of the world under the surface. Her life hasn’t been the same since. After working as a SCUBA diving instructor in Egypt and Mozambique, she moved back to the Pacific Northwest to earn a Master’s in Environmental Education at Western Washington University. When not chasing salmon around Washington’s many rivers, Jess is a Science Educator onboard the historic wooden sailboat S/V Orion. In December 2012, her image of Coho Salmon won a Seattle Times photograph of the year award.

Together, the Newley’s have combined their skills and passions to explore and document the wonders of our backyard, above and below the surface, in Washington State. By sharing the beauty and bringing awareness, they hope to get others excited about our natural resources and the many reasons to protect them. They also have started their own non-profit, SeaFront, with plans to launch marine education programs in Timor-Leste, starting January 2014.


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