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Kirsten Marie Pisto

July 1 -31


I woke to the smell of tuberose and the quick sea, mashed and mulled together under a thick marine layer that would last for six days. We dipped our legs into the salty pools and imagined fish. There were cavities where the earth had sunk back into itself, replaced with parts of the sea, petals and fallen fruits.


Kirsten grew up in Tacoma, Washington. She earned a MFA from the University of California and a BFA from the University of Montana. Her writing and painting take turns, and are sometimes supplemented with video work or installations. Telling stories and making things up is sometimes the best way of figuring things out. Her work borrows from children’s literature such as Swiss Family Robinson, The Jungle Book, and Lord of the Flies. The film adaptations of this work are also very influential. Fort building, animal stories, regional myths and flowering bushes push and pull as her daily muse.

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“…To See Things New”
A Photo Exhibit by Ken Astrein

The photos selected for this exhibit were inspired by a quote from pioneering color photographer Ernst Haas, who during an interview stated, “I am not interested in shooting new things – I am interested to see things new.”  Ken, a historian and urban planner by education, a community developer by profession, and a three-time cancer survivor by luck and determination, has been actively involved in documentary style photography at work, at home and as a community volunteer for over 25 years.  In light of his recent successful cancer treatments (twice in the last 18 months), Ken has taken to heart Haas’ advice “to see things new”.  While the exhibit photos do convey a sense of time and place, a central theme to much of his work, Ken selected these images not for any documentary qualities, but rather because they show their subjects in a somewhat different light, thus allowing viewers an opportunity “to see things new”.  More information about the exhibit can be found at http://www.toseethingsnew.com.  Inquiries or comments can be addressed to comments@toseethingsnew.com.



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