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MARI ICHIMASU ~A captain of Little Oze~

An artist located in Seattle, WA, United States. Born in late spring of Tokyo 1982 and grew up in Ichikawa city, Chiba prefecture Japan. Specializing in stop motion animation and illustration with DIY mentality and hand-made spirit. The mission is to be the voice and deliver the beauty of everything with quiet existence. Currently working hard on illustrations to publish the first art book  of “Furcoats and backpacks”. Making it happen!





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Kurt and Margaret got together while at Garfield High School. They were both intrigued with the ‘hand made’ and bent on exploring the paths of creative expression. They have proceeded to explore many avenues, Margaret primarily in the world of fibers (you may have seen her miniature flying animals on display at local arts festivals). Kurt discovers new and ancient symmetries through drawing, woodcarving, block printing and bookmaking. They have recently begun an extended dialogue through PaperCutting.
They have raised three lovely children in Seattle, and now have one lively granddaughter.

Using humble Origami paper and sharp knives we explore the patterns of our longings and the joy in our connectedness to the world. By cutting away space, light is liberated to shine through, revealing the intricate traceries of life’s exuberance and the pathways of our desire. Simple forms blossom and transform into ever more beguiling images as we play with the contrasts of space and not-space.

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