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The classic question, “what is your favorite animal?” inspired this group of work as it is a question that has always pained me to answer, given the vast array of magnificent beasts on this planet.  I’m intrigued by the intricate patterns and grains found on an animal’s face and body, and the myriad of ways that those patterns can be ever so slightly distorted to create an entirely different image or expression.  With each piece, I try to emphasize contrast, texture, and detail, while preserving an overall simplicity. These pieces all started as a sketch or doodle in a notebook that I grew to love and replicated onto canvas or wood, using acrylic paint. 

Darby grew up in Stevenson, Washington and moved to Seattle in 2003 to get her bachelors degree in social work from the University of Washington.  She is currently completing a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy at the UW, and will soon be moving to the island of Oahu to be with her husband and begin her career.  She has been creating bright, lighthearted works of art as a hobby for more than 10 years, and has only recently begun selling pieces via her Etsy store and small café shows.  To view more of her work or purchase a piece, please visit her Etsy site:


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