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extra fine condition

March 1 – March 31



This group of work started as drawings because they are on paper, although I ended up using paint over the top of it all and in some cases couldn’t help with thick gobs of oil. The immediacy of pencil to paper without under painting was a nice change of pace for me. The images here are all inspired by the story below.

All of their research was destroyed with a mighty and final tilt of the earth which sent the tides reaching further inland. On the air, a salty warm smell and also the presence of hyacinth bulbs and dirt, unplanted for the approaching tempest. There were moments of quiet, sweet breezes that carried an auspicious and hungry feeling to the pits of their hearts.


Kirsten grew up in Tacoma, Washington. She earned a MFA from the University of California and a BFA from the University of Montana. Her writing and painting take turns, and are sometimes supplemented with video work or installations. Telling stories and making things up is sometimes the best way of figuring things out. Her work borrows from children’s literature such as Swiss Family Robinson, The Jungle Book, and Lord of the Flies. The film adaptations of this work are also very influential. Fort building, animal stories, internet myths and the Rolling Stone’s push and pull as her daily muse.

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