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As everyone knows, life is one endless journey. Nature, animals, emotions, loneliness, and nostalgia are all things I often run into on the road, and they are rich with inspiration. These components come together to create scenes in my head filled with color and atmosphere. When these images materialize, that is when I realize where am.

welcome to the world of my imagination and have a good trip!

Mari ichimasu


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Seattle native, Lupita Cano, is a self-taught abstract artist with much to express. As the youngest sibling of a large, passionate and protective latino family, she’s found a way to stand out of the fray. Through her bold and vibrant paintings she communicates her joys, hopes and dreams as well as challenges, sorrows and complex emotions. Her art is inspired by many things; the natural world, her imaginary world, travels to foreign countries, her favorite Disney characters. Lupita’s work reflects her unique perspective as a creative person with Down syndrome living life with enthusiasm and purpose.

In her own words:

“When I paint, I let my mind do the talking for me. I let my hands do the talking for me. For example, I think about Dad, or what’s going on, and paint it. If I see cheetahs and mermaids, I do that. It doesn’t matter if it’s a red day, a happy day like Wednesday, or if it’s a blue, sad day like Monday. I paint, and I let the painting do the talking for me.”

“I see blobs of paint, I see aqua, or red, moving through the air. There are sounds, sights, smells, tastes. You gotta let the art move within you, as if you were the paintbrush.

Share whatever you’ve got within you. Gifts.”

“My art means a lot to me.” © Lupita Cano 1/15/07


1. “Sky, Wind, Air” © 2010

2. Lupita standing beside “Seashore” © 2001

3. “Peace, That’s How it Should Be” © 2010

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