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My creativity is fueled by direct observation.  My work is driven by the fascination with perceptual and visual experience of light and space.  I am constantly seeking new ways to create an illusionistic space through an exploration of of lines, shapes, color and through the visceral act of painting, scraping and collaging materials.  I draw upon images of the people, objects, and places that I observe and identify with on a personal level.  Specifically, I am drawn to experiences that tap into my cultural identity.  These images and ideas are given substance and transformed through my painting and printmaking practices.

In particular, this series of work are done this past summer during a residency on the beautiful Massachusetts North Shore area.  I was chasing tides and lights with easel and paints, trying to absorb every minute of the glow of summertime.  I stayed on Rocky Neck, where artists such as Milton Avery and Stuart Davis frequented in the past.  There is definitely something unique in the air that captures the imagination of these masters.

My work leading up to now has slowly led me away from traditional oil on canvas medium to my new fascination with paper and objects.   Regardless of whether I fabricate a large print installation or small paintings on canvas, to create and understand light, space, and color will always be paramount in my work.  I draw and create with my hand, and I think through the visceral act of cutting and tearing, re-arranging and collaging.

Kathy Liao


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