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I create contemporary mosaics for gallery, architectural, and home settings. I take pride in staying true to traditional laying techniques dating back 5000 years; however, I do utilize modern technology for the fabrication of substrates and adhesives to improve the durability of my work.


My creative process usually begins with a sketch that is often influenced by the rhythm and symmetry of Greek and Moroccan art and architecture. I precisely shape and set each mosaic piece (tessera) using traditional opus styles, producing deliberate andamento—the sense of movement and rhythm created by the grout lines. Once the setting is complete, I use colored cement to grout the piece, giving it a unified and finished look.


My studies have drawn me to masters around the US, Spain, and Italy, and have instilled in me a pride of workmanship and technique, whether modern or ancient. I gather only the finest material for my work, from around the world: Italian smalti, a classical mosaic material; 24k gold; marble; vitreous glass; hand-painted glass; and beads.

Artist Statement

I find the creation of each work a meditative and cathartic way of working with my hands. I take pride in the work that I do and I hope to educate the public about this ancient art form and to increase public appreciation for hand-crafted artwork. I also hope to bring the joy of spirit I feel during the creation of each piece to the home of others.

Member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists

Angie Heinrich
Zetamari Mosaic Artworks


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