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“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” ~Henry Ward Beecher

Megan Noel is a painter, illustrator, textile and mixed media artist working in the Northwest. For many years she has been known for her beadwork, but in recent years has chosen to focus more on her equally intricate painting and illustrations.

Her favorite media are watercolor and pen and ink. Her paintings and illustrations range from dreamy and surreal to delicate and whimsical. She seeks not to create masterpieces to grace the walls of museums, but rather to create smaller more intimate works to fit into the lives of readers and writers, poets and dreamers, mother, fathers, and everyday folk.

Megan has shown her artwork locally and nationally in various galleries and other venues, including: Mesolini & Amici , Turtle Press, The Artists Tree, BKB & Company, The Artifactory, Gallery Ten, The International Bead and Button Show, the National Button Convention, North Seattle Community College and Beads and Beyond.

Megan has published artwork and articles on art and creativity, including “how-to” articles in a number of magazines including Belle Armoire, Somerset Studio, Bead and Button, Beadwork, Legacy, Soft Doll and Animal, and others.

Her work has appeared in several books including Bead Embellishment by Robin Atkins, Creating Cloth Dolls by Marthe Le Van, and 500 Beaded Objects, published by Lark Books.

When she is not creating, Megan can be found in Ballard, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Seattle, the traditionally Scandinavian part of the city, where her family has lived for over 100 years.

Megan gets her inspiration from nature, vintage beadwork, mythology, and literature. Her inspiration is fickle, and more likely to be the result of a line from an ee Cummings poem than an article in a bead or art magazine.



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D. D. Steen is a former land use planner with a background in writing environmental impact statements.  When time allows she goes out on a bike to observe and paint watercolors of local scenery, focusing especially on the clouds that are such an intimate part of our Northwest landscape.

Contact Dianne at d.steen.d@gmail.com

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My interest in communication stems from my own resistance to do so. On the spiritual side my work investigates the creative potential of thought, the energy and power of intention. “Energy” is so interesting to me. It can be the source and the message. I love the play between potential and kinetic energy. It can be static and volatile or it can function to convey a meaning or power a system.

My interest in systems and networks was born out of my background in biology. I learned how beautiful the shapes and forms in both the natural world and the technological man-made world are. It became apparent to me just how informed our technological age is by the mechanisms of the natural.

I am interested in investigating all types of information or energy transfer and the intersecting paths they take. I like to play with the macro and micro worlds around us, nature’s repeated forms and their function in communication. I think about information manifesting as chemical, mechanical, visual, auditory, electric, and spiritual. I use both literal and interpreted versions of these information systems in my work, and strive to document the various systems and networks rather than a particular idea or concept being communicated.



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