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Seattle artist Traci Paulk creates abstract paintings using an eclectic mix of mediums and surfaces. Fusing elements of drawing, painting, writing and collage, her pieces are guided by intuition and often begin without a specific goal or intent—rather, a life yet to be discovered through the addition and subtraction of strong or subtle lines, swaths of colors or layers of fading ink or paint.

Exploring themes of memories, connections, possibilities and experiences—and the traces or flood of emotions they leave behind—her paintings are inspired by the unexpected turns, pathways, intersections and artistic beauty within everyday life. She strives to create paintings that express emotion and convey a sense of authenticity or truth.

A native New Mexican, Traci was drawn to art from a young age and took art studio and art history courses at the University of New Mexico before pursuing a bachelor’s in journalism and a master’s in business. In 2008 she chose to follow her artistic interests again, leaving her role as a public relations agency vice president to begin consulting and pursuing a more creative life.

Her work has been featured in the Pike Place Market Artwalk, 15th Annual Greenwood-Phinney Artwalk (juried artist) and Ballard Artwalk, as well as the Seattle Art Museum’s annual Volunteer Art Show.

http://www.tracipaulk.com | tracipaulk@gmail.com | 206.795.2838


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“Aaron’s characters are calm under pressure, always pensive and problem solving.  His characters find themselves in various unfortunate, surreal surroundings, yet they are at peace with the chasm to cross, the solid ground to find, or even searching for the light in the darkness.  His work seems to depict feelings of struggle and loss, while staying playful, hopeful and always light.”

Exploring my own depths to life, I’m constantly trying to recreate what I find.  Frustrations, comedies and adventures turn themselves into still metaphors painted on board.  Every step I take in the growth of my art brings about new journeys to depict with no end in sight.

Turning to most grotesque situations into a humorous and innocent metaphor is the challenge I’ve presented myself with.  Whether it be a statement about a large group of people or something specific to myself, I’m able to turn it into something presentable to a sensitive audience.  I want to be able to show everyone the unpleasantries of life without the shock of something macabre.

My goal is to capture my experiences and turn them into a story narrated by my characters.  I want it to be a visual story everyone can relate to and everyone can understand.  It’s a goal without a finish line, but one I can fulfill on a daily basis by painting, drawing and creating every second I can.

Aaron Winnenberg

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