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From Amber:

I find myself most inspired by American abstract expressionist painter, Mark Rothko and Russian modern abstract painter, Wassily Kandinsky. Rothko’s exploration of how color can evoke basic emotions within the viewer is especially striking to me. By simply allowing yourself to feel color, you surrender to the emotions color evokes—I find this idea especially powerful. With Kandinsky, I find myself drawn to the complex geometric shapes he was able to weave together, tip-toeing the line between chaos and order.

I am also very interested in exploring design and structure from an architectural perspective. I begin each piece by assessing balance, design and symmetry.

The collection title, “An Exploration”, comes from this being my first public collection. The offering of an exhibit pushed me to explore my personal style and create my identity as an artist. In addition, each piece was created in a time of significant life changes for me personally. This collection has served as not only an exploration me as a painter, but also, me as a person.

I hope you enjoy the show.



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From Deborah:

We Work and Play

Play is work and work is play.

Can I make it across the monkey bars?

Can I skip a bar?

It is play and it is work.

Can I do my flash cards?

Can I do them faster?

It is work and it is play.

I remember work and play.

Do you still work and play together?

Artist Deborah Scott works, plays and exhibits in the Seattle area. Here are a few larger, but unnecessary, words about her work: Iconographic, juxtaposition, mixed media, reminiscent, visual discourse, ironic cliché, retro-nostalgic lens.

See more of Deborah’s work at www.deborahkscott.com

If you are interested in purchasing her work, please contact Deborah at:

425-443-8193 or


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