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“Cake Walk” by Lynne White
Artist’s Statement

Painting triggers my whimsical nature and offers one of several avenues I’ve chosen to express it. After two years of painting the “Cake Walk” series, I realized that I was transferring my sweet tooth and all of its cravings into seeing and being what the real sweetness is in my life. I paint to balance myself and my life. I love the movement resulting from putting on music and dancing (both inside and out) when painting.  It’s an extension of the dancer I once was, and a conduit for my spirit. When I paint, I feel lightness, playfulness and joy. Even the devil ’s food cakes evoke a sense of humor for me. They are ascending into heaven, with a quirkiness rather than darkness.

When I’m in the groove of painting, I’m releasing the place of perfectionism. The challenge is to let go and not know or control the outcome. This lesson has helped me immeasurably in all of life! Painting is also like scribbling, like being a kid again.  Because I do much of my art with my best friend, I have someone to laugh and be silly with. Art has created a new community for me. Not only has it deepened my relationship with my painting partner, but my new studio has also become a space for others to share and create. I love the balance of making art in my life and being with others in a creative community.

To buy my art contact me at:  lynnecwhite@msn.com or call at 206 383 7228


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The Photographs:

The images in this series were all made using a Holga camera. It is a plastic camera with a plastic lens and a spring-powered shutter. The final product is full of character, containing vignetting, blurring, distortion and oftentimes, light leaks. These particular photographs were printed from scanned negatives on an Epson ink jet printer, with archival inks, on archival paper.

The Artist:

I am greatly inspired by the world I live in and the family and friends that I share it with. I have always been into simplicity and minimalism, and I think that’s what draws me to the Holga camera. I also have an unexplainable obsession with square photographs. I can’t get enough!

-Kevin Belford



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