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Artist Statement

You: So… he just paints scenes from movies, how is that original Art?

Me: How is it not?

You: Well, they aren’t your ideas; they are someone else’s, primarily the director or the film maker.

Me: Ok.

You: So you just proved my point.

Me: And what was your point?

You: That these aren’t Art I guess.

Me: So, then what are they?

You: Plagiarism.

Me: Well, I did significantly change the images. I mean, they started out as moving pictures, and by selecting a single frame I have completely altered the entire film and narrowed it down to several individual images. Isn’t that act itself creation? I then enlarged, cropped, changed, altered the images. They are now made out of paint rather than film. So they have changed considerably. Furthermore the juxtaposition of certain moments within the film is carefully chosen, so is relative size, color intensity, added text, etc…. How is that plagiarism?

You: Why are you so defensive? 

Me: Why do you assume that the Art has an obligation to explain itself to you? 


Thank you,

Brent Holland

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