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I create contemporary mosaics for gallery, architectural, and home settings. I take pride in staying true to traditional laying techniques dating back 5000 years; however, I do utilize modern technology for the fabrication of substrates and adhesives to improve the durability of my work.

My creative process usually begins with a sketch that is often influenced by the rhythm and symmetry of Greek and Moroccan art and architecture. I precisely shape and set each mosaic piece (tessera) using traditional opus styles, producing deliberate andamento—the sense of movement and rhythm created by the grout lines. Once the setting is complete, I use colored cement to grout the piece, giving it a unified and finished look.


My studies have drawn me to masters around the US, Spain, and Italy, and have instilled in me a pride of workmanship and technique, whether modern or ancient. I gather only the finest material for my work, from around the world: Italian smalti, a classical mosaic material; 24k gold; marble; vitreous glass; hand-painted glass; and beads.

Artist Statement

I find the creation of each work a meditative and cathartic way of working with my hands. I take pride in the work that I do and I hope to educate the public about this ancient art form and to increase public appreciation for hand-crafted artwork. I also hope to bring the joy of spirit I feel during the creation of each piece to the home of others.

Member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists



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Brooke Westlund


Abstract Mixed Media Paintings

Much of my inspiration as an artist comes from my experiences abroad. I’ve been fortunate enough to live and travel through places like Hawaii, Thailand, India, and South Africa.

My creative process incorporates my life experiences in a variety of ways. I often add photography from my travels. In India I bought hand-carved woodblock stamps and tikka powder, which I use in my paintings to create vibrant colors and interesting textures. I use gestural brush strokes to layer the paint on the canvas, and often repeat the process incorporating circular shapes, splatters and drips.

My style is continually evolving. I am excited to see how my work develops and where I’ll find inspiration next. My passion for beauty, culture, love, and life inspires me to explore and create, and I hope that comes through in my paintings.

Thank you for viewing my work. If you are interested in learning more about me please visit:





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