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My passion for the captured image, the unexpected textures, depth, and colors, grows with every outing. It’s instantaneous nostalgia; a picture taken a few moments ago can immediately feel like a classic moment in time. I’m drawn to random people in everyday situations. It just so happens that I do most of my photography while I’m traveling in remote and unpredictable places. These everyday situations can end up being quite exotic.

Most photos for this series was taken on an amazing trip to Burma (Myanmar) during Decebmer/January 2007. A few were taken in Cambodia 2005 & 2010.

Brian Naubert




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Time makes you Bolder

Life is full of change. There’s no getting around it. This transition concept is bundled in a related collection of art, focusing specifically on the theme, “Time makes you Bolder.”

“Time makes you Bolder” explores confidence and creativity, cataloguing a series of European travels and growth in my life. While the usual Asian influence is reflected in many pieces, it is now partnered with concise, strong Danish design due to a brief stay in the city’s capital, Copenhagen. Here ideas of purpose and innovation are leveraged, resulting in paintings that pivot around simple color schemes, thick black lines and organic patterns. I experiment with motif prints for the first time in addition to new mediums such as goopy acrylic gloss infused with powdered titanium pigment and clear brown paint, also known as the commonly used household deck stain. The result is an explosion of paintings that could potentially fill all the coffee shops on the block, but I’ve whittled the collection down to a select few and am thrilled to be sharing them at Fresh Flours.

So. Change happens over time. Embrace it. And go forward Boldly.

– Lisa Acomb



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