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From Greg:

“i-GRAPH-PHOTOS and have been for about 13 years, from the east coast to the west. It’s more of a compulsion than anything else…definitely not therapy and certainly a bit short of fun and games. i’ve decided to show 3 sets of images. The B&W visions and concepts are constructs from the compulsion. i could explain if i wanted to but i’d rather leave that up to others since these are really just tidbits of possibly much larger stories that don’t necessarily have to be told by me…after all they’re stills, not films. The image of the Smith Tower is really the way i want that building to look every time i see it and i felt i needed to shed everything around it and it deserved the film treatment i gave it. The photo-illustrations are also the way i want to see those places. most of them from old coney…A few of those places that just never die and we don’t want ’em to…well this one died, but it took a while. a shame.”


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More than 50 years after I first studied art in college, I returned to my efforts to capture the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, in pastels and watercolors. Today, after many seminars and classes, most of my work is plein air (unless it’s raining too hard), and focuses on trying to capture light and color. Our area’s weather creates a unique, subtly grayed, misty overlay on the lush vegetation I treasure, as well as wonderful skies.

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