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We’re excited to have Diane Steen back at Fresh Flours, but this time at our new Ballard location!  Here’s what she has to say and some of the excellent work you can expect to see during the month of May in Ballard:

Our local landscapes provide an endless variety of shapes, textures, colors, and moods, from coastal wetlands to rolling eastern prairies. I like to go off on my bike with paints in a backpack, then sit and try to mix red, yellow, and blue to somehow capture an image of local scenery and accompanying clouds. Clouds in this part of the world form an important aspect of the landscape. When I try to capture the setting I like the way watercolor paint doesn’t rely solely on my skills but rather blends and flows on its own, seamlessly, often with charming results.



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Join us this Saturday, April 3 2010, from 5pm to 7pm to greet artist Jan Cook Mack to the ranks of our beloved artists at Fresh Flours.  Come for the art and artist, some great coffee, and delicious cakes – you’ve got no reason not to be there!

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