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Prints by Sam Hamrick

The prints in this show are all relief prints, cut from linoleum, wood or rubber. I’ve been cutting blocks for several decades now, and have yet to be tired of it. There’s always a little suspense in waiting to see how a print is going to turn out. It doesn’t always turn out exactly the way I anticipate, but a good part of the printmaking process is finding ways to work with results that perhaps you haven’t foreseen.

Skeletons have been appearing in prints ever since the invention of the printing press, from Holbein’s ‘Dance of Death’ to Posada’s Calaveras to Grateful Dead concert posters. The skeletons in this show are just a selection of my personal closet of bones.

Just to show that I’m not totally obsessed with the subject of skeletons, I’ve included other subjects as well.

I hope you enjoy the show.

Sam Hamrick

Anyone interested in purchasing a print can contact me at sam@fiddlebones.com


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