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I have great respect to nature, so painting from observation is essential to me. Based on the observation, the images in my paintings eventually become semi-abstract that convey both reality and feelings of my personal attachment to the subject matter. A realistic sense of space and a sense of beauty in a painting is created by editing information from the observation.
Richard Diebenkorn is my favorite artist because of his accomplishment, which is to make the abstract images so real. As he did, one of the ways for me to suggest reality in abstract images is to find a right color as it appears in nature.

The other artistic element that intrigues me is versatile quality of lines. As a Japanese, I have been naturally exposed to the Sumi-ink calligraphy, and the hair-thin lines in the Japanese traditional woodblock prints fascinates me significantly. Giacomettifs paintings also taught me that lines could make atmospheric space in a painting. My goal is to utilize various lines to express space, feelings, reality and abstractness all at the same time.

I believe paintings have an ability to make people happy. We have concerns and stress in our lives, so I hope my artwork helps people feel comfortable and refreshed for tomorrow.

Sayaka Shigeta


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Jameson Hubbard



Currently living in Seattle, WA, Jameson loosely attends the Gage Academy of Art.  Primary interests regarding subject matter: The age-old question of man’s relationship with nature and the consequent friction; the role of animals in contemporary and past societies and the meanings applied to them; native cultures, primarily precolonial.

Enjoy the artwork.


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